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Short Story: The Epirus Mission Part I


Debriefing with Second Lieutenant Davis

22-November 2178

The contingent of marines sent to investigate the loss of contact with the colony on Epirus consisted of the following,

  • Myself, Lieutenant Davis
  • Synthetic: Rook
  • Civilian: Johannson
  • 1st Squad: Gunnery Persson
  • 1st Squad: PFC Simpson
  • 1st Squad: Private Sugden
  • 1st Squad: Private Watson
  • 1st Squad: PFC J. Jones
  • 2nd Squad: Corporal Alexander
  • 2nd Squad: Corporal Cross
  • 2nd Squad: Private Barnes
  • 2nd Squad: Private Galligo

We dropped from the Delphi, a Troon Class Transport, via a drop-ship without incident, myself and 1st squad first, 2nd squad soon after. The initial plan was to enter the complex; Kimball’s Hope, from two directions and meet in the center. From there we would proceed to the control room located in the north section to gain valuable information about the condition of the complex. 1st Squad entered from the east, 2nd Squad from the west.

When we entered the complex it was deadly quiet. There was no one there to greet us, no signs of human activity whatsoever.

Soon after 1st Squad entered the main building we encountered something we had never seen before. A part of the building had been transformed or damaged. It looked like some kind of organic material had been spread across all the surfaces. It was hot and dark in there too. We proceeded to the meeting point as planned which took us deeper into this strange area of the building. By this point the 2nd Squad had not come across anything unusual on their side of the complex – apart from the place being empty of colonists and a few barricaded rooms.

After a few minutes my squad, 1st Squad, had walked through the strange area and back into normal rooms without incident. The damaged or transformed area appeared to be localized to the east of the complex.

After a few more rooms we made first contact.

A creature came into a room we were passing through from the opposite direction. It was a little taller than an average man, black in color and with a long curved head. It had no visible eyes. It looked dangerous and did not disappoint. Suddenly there was another one and they both came running at us. We opened fire and brought one down instantly. The second still came rushing towards us hissing, with no regard for its fallen friend, and came within three meters before we killed it. It did not die easily. Our weaponry was powerful and caused the creature to spray blood in all directions when we hit it. It was as if its blood pressure was incredibly high. Some of the blood narrowly missed some of the squad but some did land on Rook’s upper left leg with surprising results. The blood eroded that part of Rook it had come into contact with. Rook reported no serious damage to his systems but we quickly realized that if it had been one of us, we would have been seriously wounded.  Even dead those things were dangerous. Johannson told us how they were exactly the same as the creatures that had destroyed the Themis colony. Her terrible predictions about Epirus were coming true.

The next room had two more of those things. We took care of them making sure to stop them at a good distance to avoid the blood. Again there was a lot of it and it burned through everything it touched. Holes appeared where it ate through the floor. The next room again contained two creatures. We had killed over a dozen by the time we’d worked our way through the complex and met up with 2nd Squad. The room we had planned to meet in was clear of those things and we had our first moment to reflect on what we had just experienced.

Although they hadn’t come close enough to harm us they had never stopped trying – except once. We had just killed our eighth or ninth when one of them retreated from the room we were in. We’d killed three of his friends in that room and I suppose he’d gotten second thoughts. We went after him and found he’d met two more friends. It was the last meeting they ever had. So far we felt confident about the situation – of course we were shaken from meeting those things for the first time but we had taken care of them. As long as our ammunition was good and we didn’t meet many of them all at once, we felt good.


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