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Teaching English in South Korea: The Practicalities

Teaching English abroad can provide fantastic experiences and stories. You glimpse into the country’s culture, its customs and meet many different people. Having taught in three different countries I have met countless English teachers who have taught all over the world. One friend I met whilst teaching in Spain was Gavin.

Gavin was born in England but moved to San Diego, California with his family at an early age.  An avid surfer and musician, he is currently studying a Masters in Journalism in London. In March of 2011 he flew to South Korea and taught English for a year. I interviewed Gavin about his year in South Korea; this first part is about his teaching experience.

After leaving Spain in late 2009 Gavin knew he wanted to live abroad again. He’d heard that South Korea was the number one place in the world to teach English and started looking for opportunities to teach there. The schools were known to pay very well and it would be an opportunity to save some money to help toward his debts.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching English in South Korea: The Practicalities

  1. Good job man. Imagine having to stick around CZ’s fifth largest city? Actually, you would live like quite a prince…

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